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Largest places in Iraq

The largest cities and places in Iraq at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Iraq.

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Page 1:   'Aqrah   to   Nahiyat Saddat al Hindiyah
Largest places in Iraq
'Aqrah ‘Aqrah1.Ninawa Nīnawá23,000
Abu Ghurayb Abū Ghurayb2.Mayorality of Baghdad Mayorality of Baghdad900,000
Ad Diwaniyah Ad Dīwānīyah3.Al Qadisiyah Al Qādisīyah318,801
Ad Dujayl Ad Dujayl4.Salah ad Din Governorate Salah ad Din Governorate26,362
Al Fallujah Al Fallūjah5.Anbar Anbar190,159
Al Faw Al Fāw6.Basra Governorate Basra Governorate104,569
Al Hayy Al Ḩayy7.Wasit Wāsiţ78,272
Al Hillah Al Ḩillah8.Babil Bābil289,709
Al Hindiyah Al Hindīyah9.Muhafazat Karbala' Karbalāʼ57,490
Al Kut Al Kūt10.Wasit Wāsiţ315,162
Al Miqdadiyah Al Miqdādīyah11.Diyala Diyālá50,698
Al Mishkhab Al Mishkhāb12.An Najaf An Najaf23,189
Al Musayyib Al Musayyib13.Babil Bābil42,901
Al `Amarah Al ‘Amārah14.Maysan Maysan323,302
Al `Aziziyah Al ‘Azīzīyah15.Wasit Wāsiţ44,751
Al-Hamdaniya Al-Hamdaniya16.Ninawa Nīnawá50,000
An Nasiriyah An Nāşirīyah17.Dhi Qar Dhi Qar400,249
Ar Rumaythah Ar Rumaythah18.Al Muthanna Al Muthanná47,248
Ar Rutbah Ar Ruţbah19.Anbar Anbar22,370
As Samawah As Samawah20.Al Muthanna Al Muthanná152,890
As Sulaymaniyah As Sulaymānīyah21.As Sulaymaniyah As Sulaymānīyah723,170
As Suwayrah Aş Şuwayrah22.Wasit Wāsiţ42,354
Ash Shamiyah Ash Shāmīyah23.Al Qadisiyah Al Qādisīyah57,661
Ash Shatrah Ash Shaţrah24.Dhi Qar Dhi Qar82,732
Az Zubayr Az Zubayr25.Basra Governorate Basra Governorate122,676
Baghdad Baghdad26.Mayorality of Baghdad Mayorality of Baghdad7,216,000
Balad Balad27.Salah ad Din Governorate Salah ad Din Governorate42,088
Baqubah Baqubah28.Diyala Diyālá152,550
Basrah Basrah29.Basra Governorate Basra Governorate2,600,000
Bayji Bayjī30.Salah ad Din Governorate Salah ad Din Governorate36,454
Baynjiwayn Baynjiwayn31.As Sulaymaniyah As Sulaymānīyah27,116
Dihok Dihok32.Dahuk Dahūk284,000
Erbil Erbil33.Arbil Arbīl932,800
Hadithah Ḩadīthah34.Anbar Anbar30,925
Halabjah Ḩalabjah35.As Sulaymaniyah As Sulaymānīyah57,333
Hit Hīt36.Anbar Anbar31,901
Imam Qasim Imam Qasim37.Babil Bābil36,992
Jamjamal Jamjamāl38.As Sulaymaniyah As Sulaymānīyah75,634
Karbala Karbala39.Muhafazat Karbala' Karbalāʼ434,450
Khalis Khāliş40.Diyala Diyālá70,046
Kifri Kifrī41.Diyala Diyālá30,143
Kirkuk Kirkuk42.Muhafazat Kirkuk At Taʼmīm601,433
Koysinceq Koysinceq43.Arbil Arbīl44,987
Kufa Kufa44.An Najaf An Najaf110,000
Mandali Mandalī45.Diyala Diyālá29,785
Mosul Mosul46.Ninawa Nīnawá1,739,800
Nahiyat al Fuhud Nāḩiyat al Fuhūd47.Dhi Qar Dhi Qar21,551
Nahiyat ash Shinafiyah Nāḩiyat ash Shināfīyah48.Al Qadisiyah Al Qādisīyah22,643
Nahiyat Ghammas Nahiyat Ghammas49.Al Qadisiyah Al Qādisīyah30,909
Nahiyat Saddat al Hindiyah Nāḩīyat Saddat al Hindīyah50.Babil Bābil30,622

1 - 50 of 65 places
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